September 12, 2015

Our first Live-Tweet Experience | Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Well, hello.

Anyone here? 

We know this blog has been silent for a really long time now, but we hope to bring it to life soon and keep it breathing regularly and here's what we're starting with.

I was watching DDLJ the other day, from the part where Simran and Raj come back from their Europe tour and I put up a status on Facebook saying I found Raj's character rather creepy. Some people agreed while a few others added that I review the movie and I thought, why not?

I wanted to do a regular review, but I realised that I never have the patience to write it out after I'm done with the movie. I have a half-written review of 'The Babadook' in the drafts section of this blog since January that I'm pretty sure is never going to see the light of day. But last week, when I was watching Aisha, I made my comments on Facebook and Twitter and I thought live-tweeting might be a good way to do this. To make it even more fun, I decided that Kritika and I should do this together.

So Thursday night, we geared up to watch the three-hour long monstrosity that is supposed to be the most romantic movie of the last two decades. After we were done watching, we didn't think it was. And I'm pretty sure that after you're done reading our opinion, you wouldn't call it 'romantic' either. Before we make any further comments, here are our tweets. 

Where was the romance? All we could see was people making one stupid decision after another, and to what end?

Bauji decides to get Simran married off to someone from India because, well, he loves India. So much that he hasn't even been there in the last 20 years. Simran decides to go have fun one last time because she knows that once she's married, she can forget about having fun but ends up falling in (what she thinks is) love with this annoying prick who thinks touching her inappropriately, sitting close to her and delivering cheesy lines is cute and will help him get into her pants skirt. 

She knows he's annoying but still falls for him in spite of him making it clear that he wasn't the kind to settle down with a single girl. She fights with her family for a random dude she met on a trip, they decide that it's wise for ALL of them to move to India (not just her). The idiot from her trip stalks her to India and manages to find her without her address and together they end up breaking two hearts and multiple bones (in a fight scene at the end, of course.)

Tell me which part of this is romantic? 

Before Thursday night, I had only seen the movie in parts and after this, I don't think I want to watch it again.

But, we had so much fun tweeting that Kritika and I are definitely going to do this again. And soon. Especially because that night on twitter, there were people who didn't even know us but were cheering us, calling us funny. So it's a public service really. :)

We haven't decided when exactly we'll do this again, but we're aiming at the weekend of 25-27 September. If there's a movie you'd like us to watch and tweet about, let us know. :)

- Nikita Azad.

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