September 15, 2015

Our First Periscope Broadcast Experience

I heard about Periscope from this excited little girl who also happens to be my elder sister. She had discovered this app and was so excited to use it that she called me immediately and went on about it for quite a while.  Naturally, I was curious too.

To be able to broadcast live from anywhere (well as long as you were connected to the internet) sounded like fun. People from across the world could see you, send you messages, and give you those little hearts (which totally gives you an ego boost, by the way).

After watching a few broadcasts on it, Nikita and I decided that we must try a live broadcast of our own.

If you’ve read our last blog post, you know that we live-tweeted our opinion about the so-called ‘Romance Classic’ of Bollywood – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and got a pretty positive feedback.

But since it was way past midnight by the time the movie ended (oh, the joy!), we decided to wrap up and make our final comments of the movie in a Periscope broadcast and I have to say, WHAT THE FUCK WERE WE THINKING?

Before we started the broadcast, we discussed what we might say for a bit, but realized that since we tweeted about it such detail and the sheer stupidity of the film was going to be engraved in our memories FOREVER, we might as well just start talking and see where it went from there.

So, we showered, did our hair and makeup (nothing game changing, just enough to not look like we were rolling on the ground like coked up weasels), took this picture to and were ready to start our first ever Periscope broadcast.

We first introduced ourselves, why we were there and as we started to get to the review part, the messages started to pop up on our screen, and that was when the real party started.

When you have messages pouring in, you’re going to want to read them. I mean come on; you are getting messages from all over the world, literally. And, if you have been on Periscope and not gotten messages from all over, well, that just sucks for you.

Anyway, as we started reading we realized that nobody was interested in the movie review. I mean we did not expect people to listen to it like you would listen to the Word of God, but it’s not even funny how much stupid crap people expect others to do on the internet.

The first few started off pretty well. Some responded to the review, some called us beautiful (go makeup!) and one of them also said, “You girls are hilarious, you should get your own show,” which I think is taking it a little too far, but meh.

See, now things like these made us blush, threw us off track for maybe a few seconds but we always got back to the point.

A few more minutes into the broadcast, we attracted the pervs and freaks. There were some messages here and there that were pretty inappropriate. For example, a guy sent, “I have a boner.” Now, as much as he must've thought that my sister or I would be interested in knowing how we greatly affect the blood flow to certain parts of a strange guy’s body, we could’ve lived with not knowing that.

After that there was a herd of vulgarity, requests to kiss each, a ‘titty show,’ asking us if we were on snapchat and for some reason, questions about happening places in the suburb of Malad, Mumbai. We also spoke about Priyanka Chopra, if Nikita or I were available or not and of course, Narendra Modi came up.

But, there were some nice people to who actually showed interest in the review, asked us about India and Mumbai, and there was one particular man who kept sending us these cheesy pickup lines, like, “I lost my number, may I have yours?”

Ordinarily, I would’ve just asked the guy to go away, but at that point he seemed like the nicest of them all. Like, the only one who was probably not sitting in his bedroom alone with some Vaseline and a picture of his best friend’s girlfriend in a bikini. Yes, Tommy, we actually like you.

It was definitely the light at the end of the tunnel and that’s how we knew this tunnel had to end. Because well, after 22 minutes of trying to do what we came to do, it wasn’t leading to anything, so we said ba-bye, did a little shameless publicity of our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram page and blog and stopped the broadcast.

So all in all, it wasn’t really a success but we got a gist of how that place can be and what kind of stuff would work. Next time, we are definitely going to be prepared for it. 

So, stay tuned.

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